DEATH DRIVE is the product of deep collaboration and a shared interest in the baroque extravagance of survival after life-threatening periods. This exhibition understands ‘death drive’ as an experience born from a fork in the road, where death is one possible destiny, but instead the other path is chosen. What spirals of euphoria does this choice release; what deathly-energy can drive life? That obscene whipped-up energy needs to find another outlet. The show will consist of new sculptural installations, video, and sound, by Rebekah Bide, Jennifer Boyd, Mariana Portela Echeverri, and Madeleine Stack. Whether through creating a proxy to be responsible for work and life decisions, building an erotics from the closeness of environmental catastrophe, a beached body turning to trepanation, or the uncovering of an imaginary lesbian cloister, the artists in DEATH DRIVE choose their own destiny, an exaggerated form of survival that refuses the inevitable.
Death Drive

Outer Space, Brisbaine, Australia